Anne Schechter, P.T.

“Since I survived a serious car crash several years ago and having rehabilitated those injuries to the best of my ability, it was surprising to realize that there was still more work to be done.  

“Over the course of time it became clear that something more was wrong - I suffered from debilitating pain -- though no one, including a number of top New York City specialists could find the cause of it.  

“After searching high and low for relief, I came across Anne Schecter. She quickly assessed my situation, determined that my pelvis was torqued due to the impact of the collision and proceeded to apply her craft. After years of walking with a skewed gait, I was literally tilted and my muscles were over compensating and in spasm.  

“CranioSacral Therapy has been nothing short of a miracle and Anne has been my angel. In addition to relaxing the pain and manipulating my entire skeletal structure through a gentle, hands-on approach, I am now pain free and finally in charge of my own health.  

“On the surface it would seem to be 'hocus-pocus.' In reality, the process has been so effective that I scheduled my 18-year old son for sessions in an effort to relieve anxiety, a life-long problem for him.  

“Based on my own treatment successes and assurances from Anne that gentle manipulation of his skull could eliminate cranial pressure (perhaps caused by a C-section birth) I was sold on the concept.  He has only just begun his treatment, but already I am seeing a shift in his demeanor. If CranioSacral treatments are as successful for him as they have been for me, I expect that he will soon be a much less anxious teenager -and tbat would be the biggest miracle of all” -- Anne C.  

With CranioSacral therapy, Anne Schechter has helped me recover myself from the grief I cause myself --whether it be from TMJ and jaw tension or overuse of muscles from snow shoveling and housework. With additional unwinding techniques we have worked through back, leg, upper body and hand difficulties that result from occupational hazards caused by working in the Dental Hygiene field. I am grateful for Anne's healing touches that have helped me help myself. She gets in and gets the job done.  She's a miracle worker!” -- Beverly D.   

“I saw Anne Schechter several months regarding back pain, neck tension and leg swelling. Anne's CranioSacral therapy helped not only my physical ailment but also my awareness of my body and how I am moving it every day: how I sit, how I stand. The treatment is subtle, gentle and almost relaxing but very effective. One of my most favorite parts was something called lymphatic drainage which helped with swelling in my legs and allowed me again to be more aware of what my body was trying to tell me. I found Anne Schechter's methods worked very well to help me connect the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of myself while being aware of my own role in my own healing.” -- Rosemary L 

“My three-year-old son has been going to Anne Schechter for almost six months for CranioSacral Therapy. He suffered from Encopresis, which caused his digestive system to slow down, resulting in physical and emotional setbacks. After just one session with Anne, I saw a difference in him. He seemed to have released some tension and I started to see his

personality perk up. He has also straightened his posture considerably and has become more physically active. He is always very relaxed during therapy and continues to show improvement after each visit.” -- Carol S.   

I have been taking my daughter, who has multiple disabilities, to Anne Schechter.  Anne is very warm and kind, and respectful of my daughter's preferences and special needs.  My daughter is definitely less anxious, less aggressive and more willing to engage in social activities since beginning therapy with Anne, which was a main reason for trying craniosacral therapy.  She also complains of less back pain, which had been chronic.  Interestingly, her teacher reports that on days when she has therapy, her handwriting is noticeably improved.  -- BS

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